Wow! It’s time to enjoy the night view of the Hangzhou Light Show

Hangzhou West Lake Show
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Wow! It’s time to enjoy the night view of the Hangzhou Light Show

If you visit Hangzhou, you should come and enjoy the light show. Not only Hangzhou West Lake Show,but Hangzhou will also provide you with some light show that will make your night better. Hangzhou bus will add a “customized special line for night tours around the West Lake”, which provides more options for the night tour of the West Lake.To enjoy the Hangzhou light show and Hangzhou West Lake Show,please take note of the schedule below

Hangzhou West Lake Show

Departure time

The departure time for the statutory working day is 18: 30-21: 00, and the departure time for the statutory holidays and weekends is 18: 30-22: 00

Boarding location

LongXiang Qiao(龙翔桥) Station exit D

The first stop, The First Chinese 一公园)

The first park is located on Nanshan Road(南山路), which is the most beautiful street with a night view in Hangzhou.

The second station, QingBo gatein Chinese 清波门)
The famous scenic spot of Qingbo Gate is Liulang Wenying Park(柳浪闻莺).

LiuLangwen Ying Park is located on the east and south shore of Hangzhou West Lake, covering an area of about 21 hectares. It’s one of the ten sights of the old West Lake. Range from the south clear wave door, north to the golden gate.

The third station, JingTemplein Chinese 净寺)

Opposite the clear Temple is the Leifeng Tower.(雷锋塔), Leifeng Pagoda is a five stories tower with eight sides, located on Sunset Hill south of the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002. Since then it has been a popular tourist attraction.

Hangzhou West Lake Show
Hangzhou West Lake Show

The fourth station Su Diin Chinese 苏堤)

Su Di, which is located in the west of the West Lake of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is located the west of West Lake, Zhejiang Province. It is located in the south of Nanping Mountain, Huagang Port, and reaches the wind charge and Yue Miao of the Qixia Mountains. It is 2.797 kilometers long. It separates Xili Lake from the West Lake outside, and it is called the West Lake three dikes with Baidi and Yang Gongdi.

Princeling Bay Park(in Chinese太子湾公园) is located in the southwest corner of Hangzhou West Lake, south of Nanshan Road and Huagang Guanyu Park, south of Jiuyao Mountain, Nanping Mountain, and west of Chishan Port. With a total area of 80 hectares, the park is planted with many tulips, Hangzhou is a famous wedding park and tulip exhibition.

The fifth station, Yuzhu Bayin Chinese 浴鹄湾)

Fish watching in Huagang(in Chinese 花港观鱼)is one of the ten sights of the West Lake. Watching fish in the flower-filled brook pool brings elegant pleasure to tourists.

Hangzhou West Lake Show

The park is divided into a redfish pond, peony garden, flower port, lawn, dense forest five scenic spots. Among them, the first three scenic spots are tourists must go to, used to be a private garden of officials in the Southern Song Dynasty, a mountain stream from the Huayiashan into the West Lake, twists and turns, called Huagang. There are fish in the water, there are flowers on the banks of the stream, and there are pavilions in the garden-“peony pavilions”. Planting peonies and peony in the garden is also the best place to appreciate fish.

The sixth station Hangzhou flower gardenin Chinese 杭州花圃)

Hangzhou flowerbed, it is a pearl by the West Lake, here is like their own garden, throughout the year, there are different colors of flowers potted scenery, flowers constantly bloom throughout the year.

The seventh station impression of West Lakein Chinese 西湖印象)

West lake Impressions Show has been renamed the most remembered is Hangzhou. (最忆是杭州). While you are in the West Lake, you can enjoy Hangzhou West Lake Show with your family and friends.

The eighth station broke the bridgeIn Chinese 断桥)

The broken bridge is located at the eastern end of the white levee of the West Lake in Hangzhou. One end is connected with the Beishan Road on the north shore of the West Lake, and one end along the White Dike leads to the autumn moon and the Goushan Mountain in the West Lake. Southern Song Dynasty, also known as Bayou Bridge, also known as Duan Jia Bridge. The bridge was rebuilt in 1921. The bridge has “clouds and water in the light” water pavilions and a broken bridge snow monument pavilion. Broken bridge residual snow as a famous scenery on the West Lake, it is known for its long view of the bridge deck in winter snow and has always been selected as one of the ten scenic spots of the West Lake

Last stop, Xiaoche bridge. (in Chinese小车桥)

Car Bridge is the last stop, you can get off hereafter you can taste the delicious supper. The night tour of the West Lake ended in the breeze.

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