Why choose an immersive Chinese program: pros and cons.

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Why choose an immersive Chinese program: pros and cons.

A language immersion program is by far the fastest way to learn a foreign language. An immersive program is a learning method where every single activity is performed in a foreign language. The language is therefore not simply taught as a subject to learn, but as a tool for students to communicate, learn and have fun. This means that students are completely immersed in the language they intend to learn and therefore have the maximum exposure to the new idiom.

immersive Chinese program

This technique is the one by which we all learn our native language in our first years and it has shown to be the most effective even for second languages.

In this article we’re going to analyze all the pros and cons of study Chinese through an immersive program.


1. Frequency

An immersive program, as the name said, allows you to be completely immerse in the new language 24/7 compared to doing 1.5 hours once a week with a normal course. This means you will learn more in a short space of time and retain what you have learned because you are practicing every day.

2. Practice

Doing an immersive program means that you have the chance to practice what you have learned in class each day with the locals. You will find yourself in real-life situations where you need to use the language.

3. Fast Learning

With an immersive program you will six times faster than with a normal course. You’re forced to use the new language in everyday situations and, even though it can be hard at first, you’ll find yourself talking Chinese without realizing it.

Chinese immersive program

4. Customizable

Every Chinese immersive program is customized to your level and needs. Think about your goals and choose the most suitable Chinese course: this will be the difference between learning the general language and making your experience even more personal and beneficial. You will be able to learn specific vocabulary, target your weak areas.

5. Have fun!

You won’t just have fun during the classes, but an immersive program gives you the chance to do fun excursions from your location and experience some local culture while you are learning.

Chinese immersive program


1. Overwhelmed

Starting an immersive program can be overwhelmed at first: from the moment the course begins, you are only allowed to converse and use the target language. It’s all about to prevent you from reverting back to your native tongue. The stress levels increase when you’re in a situation where you can’t adequately express yourself. The frustration can build up, especially if you see other students adapting quicker than you are.

2. Huge commitment

A Chinese immersive program is a huge commitment: indeed, it means you’ll spend a certain period abroad and even though we all wish we could, it also means that you need to give up everything you’re currently doing. Jobs and other responsibilities tend to get in the way and immersion courses are rarely flexible to the daily grind of our normal lives.

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