Top 5 resources to learn Chinese for free

learn Chinese for free
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Top 5 resources to learn Chinese for free

Would you like to start learning Chinese but you still don’t know if it is the language made for you? Here we have 5 resources to start learning Chinese for free!

learn Chinese for free


This is software that lets you keep track of everything you’re learning and study it efficiently.  It help you to create flashcards to review your study.

Anki’s cool because it’s fairly easy to get up and running, but the more you use it the more you come to realize how deep its features and capabilities go. It can’t do everything for you, but it can make the time you put in much more effective.


Chinese Class 101 can be a good podcasts for start learning Chinese for free. Each lesson begins with a dialogue at normal speed which is then repeated at a slower pace. The podcast’s host then reviews the dialogue and explanations on specific vocabulary and grammar points. This tried and true method to practicing a language makes this a great addition to anyone’s language learning plan.



These three video sharing websites have millions of hours of free Mandarin learning content, more than you could ever listen to in the course of your studies. Whilst there is plenty of lesson-style content to get you started in the beginning, the best thing is the countless videos containing real native speech.


Dictionaries are useful for quick checks on words, particularly from the target language into your own. But experienced language learners know that to accurately grasp the meaning of a word you need to see it in action. For this you need example sentences, and Jukuu is a website offering many Chinese-English example sentences.

learn Chinese for free

Chinese Forums

If you’ve got actual questions about learning Mandarin is the place to go. This community really is fantastic, and anyone learning Chinese for free online is lucky to have it. It’s got a lot of very active users, included native speakers and expert learners, who will rapidly tackle any question you post.

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