Top 5 dishes from the traditional Hangzhou cuisine you must try!

Table of foods displaying Hangzhou Cuisine
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Top 5 dishes from the traditional Hangzhou cuisine you must try!

Hangzhou Cuisine is an important branch of Zhejiang Cuisine which is one of the Eight Famous cuisine in China.

The history of Hangzhou Cuisine could date back to over 1,000 years ago, in South Song Dynasty when Hangzhou is the prosperous capital city packed with best chefs from all corners of China. These talented gourmets took advantage of local ingredients and created various Hangzhou-style dishes.

With accumulative efforts and exploration, Hangzhou Cuisine became quite popular. What’s more, each of the most famous dishes has its own story or culture.

Major cooking techniques of Hangzhou Food is stir-frying, steaming and pot-roasting. While cooking Hangzhou Cuisine, the cookers always avoid using spicy seasoning to keep its original taste and flavor.

1. West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy (西湖醋鱼)

Sweet and sour West Lake fish is the most famous food in Hangzhou. The fish used in the dish is from West Lake. The fish tastes tender and fresh. The sweet and sour sauce poured on the steamed fish makes it even more appetizing.

2. Braised Dongpo Pork (东坡肉)

Dongpo pork is a very popular food among tourists and locals alike. The creation of the dish is related to a famous poet, Su Dongpo, so the dish was named after him.

West lake fish as a famous Hangzhou Cuisine

It is cooked by braising finely-skinned, thin pieces of streaky bacon with the famous Shaoxing wine in a sealed pot for hours. When the dish is ready, the bacon is moist and red. It smells sweet with the fragrance of rice wine. The pork is fat and soft but not greasy and tastes very delicious.

Popular food from Hangzhou Cuisine

3. Fried Shrimps with Long Jing Tea (龙井虾仁)

Fried shrimps with Longjing tea is a traditional food of Hangzhou cuisine. Stir-fry fresh river shrimps with Longjing tea, tea leaves, and rice wine. The fresh fragrances of Longjing tea and the shrimps blend together. The combination of jade-white shrimps and green tea leaves looks exquisite. The dish tastes fragrant and light.

4. Beggars’ Chicken (叫花鸡)

Beggars’ chicken is cooked in a special way that was created by a beggar. The special cooking process involves wrapping the chicken in lotus leaves, covering it with mud, and then roasting it over a fire. When the mud is baked dry, it is cracked and the clay is broken off and removed. The aroma of lotus leaves and chicken are mixed together. The chicken is crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside.

5. Hangzhou Streamed Bun (杭州小笼包)

Streamed Bun is a kind of traditional stuffed bun popular in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changzhou, Wuxi, and other cities in the south reaches of the Yangtze River. However, Streamed Bun in different places has different flavor and characteristics. Hangzhou Streamed Bun features in white and thin skin made by flour, plump fillings with lean pork and tasty soup. The skin is elastic but not sticks to your teeth. A fresh Hangzhou Streamed Bun is half-transparent and attracts you to have a bite.

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