Top 5 activities you can only do in China

Things to do in China
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Top 5 activities you can only do in China

1. Play with a Giant Panda

Yes, China the home of these big cuddly creatures: the pandas! These gentle giants are the highlight of China trips – especially when seen in the wild. The best place in China where you can see them is in the Panda Breeding Center in Chengdu: you can’t miss it.

Play with a Giant Panda

2. Take a “Gondola” through one of the China’s ancient water town

As Venice has its canals and gondola rides, China also has its own version of it but in China canals are much bigger and probably much older depending on the place you go. You can see preserved canals with old buildings and bridges in several cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou. This is among the favourite activities in China of the tourists

activities to do in China

3. Camp Out on the Great Wall

Camping on the Great Wall of China would be a memory. Just imagine the stars and moon over the battlements on a dark night.
There are Great Wall hiking and camping trips that range from just an afternoon, to one night of hiking and camping, and even to five or more nights.

Things to do in China

4. Do Morning Tai Chi in a Local Park

In China, traditional exercises such as qi gong and morning tai chi are popular, and you’ll see groups of women gathering in public parks and often just on the streets in residential areas after sunrise until about 9 am. Groups of men gather for training too. Some are informal, while others are classes or special groups. No matter what park you go to in the cities, you’ll probably see people exercising.

5. Try a Sichuan Hot Pot in Sichuan

One of the great regional cuisines known for lively and even vivid flavors and fun eating is Sichuan cuisine. Where else in the world can you get more authentic Sichuan cuisine than in Chengdu or Chongqing? Hotpot is the classic spicy Sichuan dish.

So what do you think? Would you do that? These are some fun activities in china that you can only do there but there even more to discover!

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