Top 3 Hangzhou’s activities to do outdoor!

Hangzhou’s activities
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Top 3 Hangzhou’s activities to do outdoor!

If you’re a sport lover, Hangzhou is the city you were looking for! Let’s see some of the most common Hangzhou’s activities you can enjoy outdoor. Indeed, the city if full of natural trails that are worth to be seen.

Hiking from Lingyin Temple to Hupao Shan

South of Bei Gao Feng lies one of the largest and most ornate Buddhist temples in China, the theLingyin Temple (灵隐寺).

You’ll also find a direct path to Mei Ren Peak (Mei Ren Feng 美人峰), and the start of the biggest portion of the trek. This trail is 12 km long and it can take up an entire afternoon, so brace yourself to traverse low valleys and minor cliffs that pass by temples, pagodas, bamboo forests, and tiny villages in forest clearings.

There are a number of ways to reach Hupao Shan, but the most famous is the Shi Li Lang Dang (十里琅珰) with its stone paths flanked by tea fields and modest trees.

From here, keep walking until you pass the Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Ta 六和塔). After climbing up to Tiger Spring Mountain (Hupao Shan) you’ll find good views and places to rest. The top of the mountain reveals a hushed oasis amid a sea of trees, with West Lake looming in the distance.

Hangzhou’s activities
Hangzhou’s activities

Hangzhou cycling tour

Hangzhou has the biggest shared bike system in the world! Enjoy a beautiful day outdoor visiting the main attraction of the city on two wheels!

Cycling on the bicycle line that surrounds the West Lake is on the main of Hangzhou’s activities loved by the locals and the tourists

Skiing on Daming Mountain

When the wintertime comes and the first snow starts to fall, you can reach the Daming mountain and enjoy a beautiful day of skiing!

Daming mountain is not only a natural sport but with its 1100 meters of high and cable cars, it’s also a skiing paradise. The skiing area is huge, it covers around 20,000 square meters. The longest run is one kilometer long.


These are some of the main Hangzhou activities you can enjoy for a full day of fun and exploration, but there are much more of them that are waiting for you!

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