Tips to Find a Part-time Job in China as International Student

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Tips to Find a Part-time Job in China as International Student?

For foreign students who are studying in China, finding a part-time job can not only enrich their experience, but also helps them to practice their oral Chinese and learn more about China. 

What are the main ways for foreign students to find a part-time job in China?

Tip 1: Formal and Legal Access

Up until now, foreign students in other cities have not legally been allowed to work while studying in China. Under the new scheme, foreigners studying in Beijing and Shanghai can now obtain off-campus part-time jobs and internships as long as they have obtained the requisite approval from both the university and the local entry and exit authorities.

Part-time jobs obtained through such channels will be obtained mainly by local state-owned enterprises, government agencies, or by students themselves through formal channels (campus recruitment, online recruitment) and protected by law. The job provider will sign a contract with the student to purchase insurance for the student and provide appropriate security protection.

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Tip 2: Through the campus student union and the work-study center

In China, there are student unions responsible for part-time students, as well as work-study centers, which are dedicated to liaising with campus and off-campus work resources and introducing them to students. As an international student, you need to consult with your classmates or counselors to confirm the contact information of the campus student union and the work-study center and register. There are many such work plans, and the corresponding treatment span is also very large. Sometimes you need to negotiate salary with the other party.

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Tip 3: By Internet. Especially for those want to be an English Teacher

To be honest, many international students whose English is native so they can make full use of their own unique language level to search a job. In China, the demand of English teacher is huge. One of tools of searching job in China is from the internet.

In modern times, with the development of internet, you can publish your cv on,, or other same kind of website. These websites are full of many kinds of job, but the priority you search on it is you can search your target job type in Chinese and another disadvantage is this way will make you wait for long time once there is no response for your cv. You need to clearly select “part time”, “part time”, or even “tutor” on the website to avoid misunderstanding.

Tip 4: Apply in person and use your network

Walk through your local town or the mall and you’ll see Help Wanted signs in many storefront windows. If you don’t see a sign, ask about openings. The same scenario applies to resort or seasonal employment. Applying in person is often the best mechanism for finding a job.

Be aware of the fact that many, if not most, job openings aren’t advertised. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. Ask if they can help. While an acquaintance was offered a job over the phone by an employer his friend had given his resume to. Chinese people as friends like to help. Networking really does work in China!

In general, part-time work in China is very easy. However, due to the legal definition of part-time work and restrictions on foreign students, only Tip 1 is protected by law in the above Tips. As long as you are vigilant, the part-time job in China is generally safe and easy for you.

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