The best way to Learn Chinese

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The best way to Learn Chinese

There are many ways to learn Chinese words. I will provide you with a few ways i can think of here:

The best way to learn Chinese is that you can make a mental picture when remembering a word. For example, fuqian which is pay. You can picture the image of paying the seller for purchasing an item. This is because when a word is linked to a situation you frequently encounter on a daily basis, it will stay in your mind for longer. If your imagination isn’t the best, please search for images online.

You can learn Chinese words of the same category together. For example, yifu clothes, kuzi pants, xiezi shoes, maozi hat, bao bag. They’re all under the apparel category. After learning these words, open your wardrobe and point to every item and say it in Chinese. One of my students even stuck tags on them.

Make a story with random words. For example, you can join shu tree, huahua drawing, xiayu rain, dadianhua call together. The way is to imagine a little boy drawing on a tree when it suddenly rained and his mum called him to go home. Sometimes, the story you make might sound crazy but that’s fine. This is crazy. You will give it deeper thought. Therefore, please unleash your creativity!

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The best way to learn Chinese is that you can learn Chinese words with the same character roots together. For example, dianhua phone, diannao computer, dianying movie. They all have the common root, ‘dian’. Your method of remembering words is like building blocks.

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