Summer is coming and events consciously getting postponed or cancelled. Summer 2021 is boring for us who cannot travel outside. In the summer 2021, Lakeside Institute Hangzhou will be offering Special Summer Chinese Courses specifically designed for you who want to learn Chinese online. Let’s learn something new during the summer! Spend 2 weeks learning Chinese language online while getting a new experience of Chinese culture. We will put you to a class with other students in compatible time zone. We will send the finalised timetable a week before the course starts. We believe this flexible approach allows students to have convenient time to learn Chinese. 

This is the course for you if you:

  • Never studied Chinese and want a kick start to learn this fascinating language. 
  • Have some Chinese basic and want to improve your skills.
  • Want to seize the time and chance to learn Chinese wherever you are.
  • Want to get taste of the Chinese culture. 

About the Course

Our 2 weeks summer online course runs from 7 June – 30 July 2021. 

During your course, you will learn with our experienced teacher and a small group of students  – up to maximum of 10 students – to learn about your chosen subject. 

You’ll have 2 lessons (50 minutes/lesson) of live contact time with your tutor and classmates Monday to Friday, and about two hours of independent study or group work to complete each day. Our small class sizes mean that our teachers are able to see individual progress which will help you to improve faster. 

During the summer online course, there will be plenty opportunities to practice the language with teacher and classmate. Lakeside Institute will provide some interactive activities (games, competitions, cultural activities) to help you improve your skills. 

Schedule :

There are 3 livestreaming events for each camp, and the time will be fanalized one week before the camp starts, here are the live streaming topics:

  1. Tea Planatation + tea ceremony
  2. Hubin Road +shopping mall
  3. Hefang Street + Traditional snacks
  4. Chinese dish cooking *2
  5. Chinese online competition*2
  6. Online game night*2

Customize Your Learning Plan

You will be enrolled into the appropriate level for your needs. There are 3 learning type Lakeside Institute provide for you will learn in 2 weeks, all three classes will focus on daily conversation you might expected to use when you travel, study, work or visit China:

– Spoken Chinese (HSK 3 above)

– Comprehensive Chinese (all level)

– HSK Preparation (all level)

Teaching Materials and Style

Comprehensive Chinese
Our experienced teacher will make the learning plan based on HSK Standard Course which already have the best reputation in learning Chinese. The course will focus on pronunciation, speaking  & writing at the same time.

HSK Preparation
This course is for the students who would like to pass HSK exams with a high score, so the course will focus more on the grammar points and reading part, the teacher will give the students more exercise according to the HSK exams.

Spoken Chinese
Spoken Chinese course focuses more on improving students’ Chinese speaking skills. The students will learn the expressions and grammar points based on the topic which would be discussed in the class. 

Our teachers will give the students equal participations during the class and provide the students with interactive activities to boost their Chinese level. In addition, online Chinese Class video and teacher’s notes automatically get recorded into the system, so it’s easy to review your classes;


Big group Chinese Course (12+ students /class)

Full Fees2,000 RMB
Early Bird Fees*Apply before 30th,May and receive 5% discount.
Special DiscountBring your friend to sign up with you and receive 5% discount.

Small group Chinese Course (max 8 students/class)

Full Fees4,000 RMB
Early Bird Fees*Apply before 30th,May and receive 5% discount.
Special DiscountBring your friend to sign up with you and receive 5% discount.

How to Apply


Date: 7 June – 30 July

Summer Camp 1: 7 June – 18 June 2021

Summer Camp 2: 21 June  – 2 July 2021

Summer Camp 3: 5 July – 16 July 2021

Summer Camp 4: 19 July – 30 July 2021 

Application deadline: 

Summer Camp 1: 2 June 2021

Summer Camp 2: 16 June 2021

Summer Camp 3: 30 June 2021

Summer Camp 4: 14 July 2021

Applications should be submitted via Lakeside Institute online application system:

Click here to apply now.


For further information and enquiries, please contact:

[email protected]

WeChat: lakesidehangzhou

Or fill out the contact form below

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