Combine Education & Tourism

Our Study Tours combine sightseeing and cultural experiences with language classes and interactive workshops. Accommodations and transportation are included.

Enjoy a comfortable and convenient one-stop introduction to China!

Every custom tour combines four key elements

Visit Hangzhou’s famous attractions and hidden gems. Learn why this ancient city has long been praised as China’s “Heaven on Earth”.


During classes, our instructors will introduce you to the finer points of traditional and modern Chinese culture. Then you’ll get out of the classroom and see it in real life!

Visit historic landmarks like the UNESCO-ranked Liangzhu prehistoric settlement and the 3000-year-old Lingyin Temple, as well as modern landmarks like the Alibaba campus and Qianjiang city light show.

And don’t forget about the food! Each Study Tour includes a food tour where you’ll learn about the local cuisine and sample some famous specialties.


“Ni hao” and “xiexie” can get you pretty far in China, but with a little bit of training, you can do so much more!

Each day of the Study Tour starts with a short, energizing class where you’ll learn how to introduce yourself, ask for directions, order food, navigate an airport or train station, and more.

We’ll also teach you some tips and tricks that can help you communicate when you don’t have the words and pick up new words when you’re out and about.

It’s fun to look and listen, but only hands-on experiences can be truly life-changing. Every Study Tour includes activities and workshops that let you practice your Chinese in real life and experience the culture firsthand.

Join a variety of activities, from tea hikes and cooking classes to Chinese calligraphy and painting workshops. Challenge your Chinese skills with scavenger hunts and language games. Choose your own adventure!

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