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We are big fans of the homestay in China program. It is our commitment to offer quality rooms at wallet-friendly prices for short- or long-term stays and to give hosts an opportunity to rent out their spare rooms on our global marketplace. 

If you are international students, tourists, professionals, or just a solo traveler, a homestay may be a good option for you to visit your desired cities. Across all our homestays, a host will be present during the entire experience, enhancing the guest’s travel experience with their hospitality and local knowledge. In a homestay program, your host family will be there to look out for you, much like your family at home. They will be there to make sure you get home safe every day, as well as to provide emotional support at home.

If you are the type of person who likes to have someone to talk about your day with when you get home, a homestay in China may be the right option for you. In this way, you will be able to learn and practice Chinese in a decent Chinese environment at the same time.

Students painting during their homestay in china program
Student and chinese girl hanging out during a homestay in China

Although most college students and young adults in homestay programs have been away from home before, finding yourself in an entirely new country, far from your friends and family can be a lonely and daunting experience. Homestay in China programs are a great avenue to make new friends. As in most cases, homestay families have children themselves, often around the same age as the students they are hosting. Also, homestay families provide a good support system for international students who are far from home, and friendships are often formed between hosts and students that last a lifetime. In our homestay, we do not only provide comfortable accommodation, but we also create a home with a warm family for you. There are many reasons that homestays are a great solution for you to know more about Hangzhou, including:

Our program

Starting your study adventure by staying with an approved local host family can allow you to genuinely experience what life is like in your host country. It offers a “real-life” experience that is second-to-none, and you will find that it could be one of the most fulfilling parts of any international experience. Homestay in China programs allow students to jump right into their studies without the worries of finding housing, furniture, or signing a lease all from overseas.

Homestay Facilities

We offer a place in a very good area and close to public transportation.

Real Homes

Every home has host parents, and they do more than just hand over keys. They will help you settle into life in a new place.

Warm and comfortable home (own bedroom with air conditioner, breakfast, and dinner provided, Wi-fi)

Real Connections

Use our support to find the right hosts. To learn basic language skills and explore Hangzhou with the host family. Using our access to join the international community by attending our regular events.

Fun activities in Hangzhou

This is one of the best ways to experience China, understand Chinese culture, and learn Chinese. We organize regular activities for you to get to know more people from both China and overseas, to share ideas, as well as to build networks. The full immersion of the Chinese culture will not only help you practice the Chinese language but also build an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and local people.

Regular and Weekly Activities

  • Bilingual language events (Language events to get to know more local young people)
  • Culture activities (Cook traditional Chinese food, learn to do Chinese craftsmanship, experience China’s history)
  • Business networking events (Idea sharing seminars, entrepreneur business meetings, business salons)

Best Service with Affordable Prices

If this is your first time traveling to Hangzhou, you do not need to worry about the process. We will help you from the preparation period until your final day in Hangzhou. Accordingly, we will make sure you will have a:

Visa can be the most troublesome problem for some people. Therefore, we will guide and help you in preparing the documents for the visa until you get to acquire one and you are ready to fly.

On your arrival day, our staff will pick you up at the airport and send you to your accommodation or meet the people in the school. They will be your first friend who will introduce you around the accommodation area.

You will meet fellow students and staff and get settled into life in Hangzhou. On your orientation day, our staff will introduce you to the office environment and your place environment. Your homestay host is able to assist with local guidance like transport, shopping, banking, as well as introducing and assisting with networks, mentoring, local culture, etc. Again, beginning your adventure with a homestay program allows students to jump right into their studies without the worries of finding housing, furniture, and signing leases all from overseas.

Number you can always get through 24/7 to assist you in emergencies in Hangzhou.

Since you will be staying in someone else’s home, a homestay in China tends to be an affordable option. The families offering their house as a homestay are typically not doing it for financial gain, so they can be excellent economical accommodation options. Homestays are often the most efficient accommodation option because the cost of the room and board generally includes meals, laundry facilities, and occasionally some light cleaning services. You will also save money because you won’t have to worry about furnishing the apartment. You may also be provided with a guaranteed number of meals a day, which will lessen your expenses in groceries, and allow you to splurge a little on fun excursions and souvenirs during your stay (not to mention try local dishes and foods!).

Prices & Packages


Normal Package (RMB)

Benefit & Services:

  • Host Consultation Service
  • Food (breakfast/dinner)
  • Accommodation (including Wi-Fi, water and electricity)
  • Access to join Lakeside Institute regular events.
  • Pick-up from the Airport
  • City Orientation

Full-Package (RMB)

Benefit & Services:

  • Host Consultation Service
  • Food (breakfast/dinner)
  • Accommodation (including Wi-Fi, water and electricity)
  • 1 Chinese class each week
  • Access to join Lakeside Institute regular events.
  • Pick-up from the Airport
  • Orientation Day + Welcoming Package
  • Visa Assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
1 week1,5001,800
2 weeks3,0003,600
3 weeks4,5005,400
4 weeks6,0007,200
5 weeks7,5009,000
6 weeks9,00010,800
7 weeks10,50012,600
8 weeks12,00014,400

*All prices are in US Dollars (USD)


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