Number of daily vistors reduced at the Shanghai Astronomy museum.

Shanghai Astronomy museum
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Number of daily vistors reduced at the Shanghai Astronomy museum.

The Shanghai Astronomy Museum is reducing the number of daily visitors to make better the visiting experience. Beginning from July 25, the famous museum will admit no more than 5,000 people per day which is 1,000 less than before.

Since its opening, the museum which is known as the world’s largest, has been one of the most popular spots in the whole city. Online reservation opens seven days ahead of a visit, but they are immediately sold out.

Shanghai Astronomy museum

To improve the visiting experience, the 30-meter-in-diameter 8K spherical cinema inside the museum will present seven showings per day, two more than now.

Three films are currently showing – “Unseen Universe,” “Tales of a Time Traveler” and “The Heaven.” To book the tickets is required an additional fee. Reservations are also required for the museum’s other six sites, but there’s no additional charge.

The museum is committed to showcasing new astronomical discoveries along with ancient legends of Chinese mythology.

Xihe Solar Tower, named after the goddess of the sun in ancient Chinese mythology, enables visitors to observe high-definition images of sunspots, solar flares and solar prominences through optical devices.

Wangshu Observatory

Wangshu Observatory, named after the goddess who drives for the moon in ancient Chinese mythology, features a double-focus, one-meter telescope with the largest aperture in China. It provides visitors with views of the moon, planets and celestial bodies in deep space.

“Flying Across The Galaxy” is a 6k theater in which visitors can ride a spaceship to explore the universe. “What If Theater” explains the origin and evolution of the universe. “Journey To Mars” is a new attempt to turn an exhibition hall into an immersive theater with a storyline, inviting visitors to engage in a rescue operation on Mars. “Wonder Planet” is designed for children.

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