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My experience in China by Jessica: an 25 y.o. Chinese-Indonesia girl!

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica and I’m currently 25 years old. I’m Chinese Indonesian girl who has experienced living and studying Chinese language in China for a year. There are few reasons why I decided to study in China, the biggest one is that I was looking for an adventure living in different country.

Before going to China, I didn’t really know how to speak Chinese so I started a 3 months express Chinese course to prepare me living there.

Afterwards, in early March I landed in Hangzhou (China). I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first because most Chinese people don’t speak English at all. Moreover, even though I studied Chinese for three months, I didn’t feel prepare enough: indeed, I wasn’t able to speak with the right pronunciation so for local people was impossible to understand me. I’ve been through high and low but day by day I managed living in this new country: my experience in China was all bizarre and really exciting at the same time.

Life became easier as I started studying, I met lots of new friends from all around the world and we adapt together.

In the first place, what made my experience in China unforgettable was the city I was living in: Hangzhou. It definitely stole my heart from the first minute, this city is very peaceful yet very developed. People here live with peace and they all are very welcoming.

What I love the most about Hangzhou is that it’s a very clean city and most infrastructures are well taken care of. The air quality is better than other major cities.

For the transportation, I did really enjoy taking public transport: the bus lines are well connected and they got me nearly to all of the city’s major area with a reasonable price. Besides the bus, I usually used Hangzhou public bicycle to travel short distances, like going to the gym and supermarket.

To top all my experience there, I was really amazed about the fact that I didn’t need to bring my wallet with me when going out: my phone was all I need to survive! China has this app which can be used as payment method, its name is Alypay: the app is connected with the bank account, so all I needed to do to pay was to scan the barcode. It can be used on public transport and the bicycle as well.

My experience in China couldn’t be complete without trying the local food. Hangzhou offers a lot of hearty and delicious dishes which I loved. Some of the dishes that I liked the most are 叫化鸡 ( Beggars Chicken ), which is a Chinese dish of chicken that is stuffed, wrapped in clay and lotus leaves, and baked slowly using low heat. Preparations may take hours which explains why it is really good. And the other one is, 炉鱼 ( Lu Yu ) the roast fish. The fish was really fresh and fragrant.

Well, my experience in China was not easy in the beginning, but if you stay open-minded and get out of the comfort zone, you will definitely love this unforgettable adventure. Life in China is very comfortable yet affordable and the food is great. All that has happened to me after arriving in China has made an impression on my heart. The Chinese people are full of hospitality, wise-hearted, with a welcoming nature. I hope to come back again someday in the future.

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