Most popular jobs for foreigners in China

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Most popular jobs for foreigners in China

Have you ever thought of working in China but you have no idea of what kind of job you can do once you arrive there? Today people who come to sick new opportunities in China are day by day more, so which is the most popular jobs for foreigners in China?

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If you meet a random foreigner on the street in China, there is a big chance that he/she is a teacher.

Teaching has become perhaps the most popular career choice for many foreigners by far and continues to bring thousands of expats into China each year. Education in China is regarded as one of the most important cultural values and many children start a very intensive education from a young age. So it’s not a surprise that foreign teachers are in such high demand, and are needed in institutions from kindergartens to universities, and specialty training centers.

import export jobs in china


If you want to start working in China, you should consider the trade or commerce field: thank to it china reached its massive global expansion. Commerce is what connected china with the rest of the world so people with a suitable educational background are always welcome to give their contribution.

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Another field that could allow you working in China is the one of the media. Indeed, China is becoming more modernized than ever, and the need of an outsider who can report the experience of a new lifestyle and culture is growing. Foreigners become a valuable source of information: the industry of writing, editing, and content creation, are always in need of new voices with unique things to share. These types of careers can range from fields such as travel, expat lifestyle, recent events or news, and industry-specific reporting.

These are the top 3 jobs for foreigners in China but according to your educational background and working experiences, you can find many other options such as marketing, engineering, tourism, food, and beverage industry and so on.

Working in China is a great chance that will give you many career opportunities for the future.

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