Life in China - China’s Top 7 Food Streets

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Life in China - China’s Top 7 Food Streets

Have you heard of this Chinese proverb, “Preserve the old, but know the new.“? It is undoubtedly a foodie’s mantra! Old-time cuisines are as good as new, trendy taste – only better! How many of these food streets have you visited yet?

Life in China is full of beautiful things, and one of them is food! When we talk about it, it gives us a feeling of excitement, and we can’t stop searching for it until our cravings are satisfied. Life in China makes local and tourist people go crazy over some of the most loved food streets, because of the unbeatable unique taste of the different signature dishes and popular snacks.

Here are the top 7 food streets across China that have been so popular:

Dongcheng District, Beijing (Picture 1)

Guije (Ghost Street) is a bustling street of over 100 restaurants and snack shops that serve a variety of local eats. But what most expat in China go here for are the spicy crayfish and seafood like shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and roast fish. If you love spicy food and hot pots, this is your heaven! More things to love? Fair food price, nightlife culture, and 24-hour service! This truly makes you love life in China!

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou (Picture 2)

Get some excellent ice-cream and an assortment of tropical fruits here. Find the authentic dim sum and Cantonese cuisine in most rows. Foreigners love this place because they can also find international and trendy food here and can do some side shopping too! This is such a busy and crowded place, but that is what makes it more interesting for many.

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City God Temple, Shanghai (Picture 3)

Find a variety of local snacks, such as amazing bowls of yummy goodness noodles, pancakes, and the irresistible xiaolongbao! You can still find old-time favorite meals here, like boiled eggs in green tea, fried breadsticks, stuffed buns, chop rice cakes, and a lot more! Life in China couldn’t get any better right?

Hefang Street, Hangzhou (Picture 4)

If you want to get elegant and refined choices, this is the best choice. Hefang Street is one of Hangzhou attractions which popular for the expat in China. Famous for Zhe Cuisine, try local food, dingsheng cakes, lotus root starch, ham, eel noodles, and prime teas here. Are you looking for something unforgettable? Get a taste of their snake wine!

Jinli Ancient Street, Chengdu (Picture 5)

Are you a fan of Three Kingdom dishes and firepots? Then, this is where you can taste Sichuan specialties! Excite your palates with delicious choices of spicy goodness like tofu, fragrant pork, and kung pao chicken paired with cold beers! Don’t forget to try San Da Pao, glueballs, wontons, boiled dumplings, tea, and aromatic blends of coffee.

Hubu Alley, Wuhan (Picture 6)

Many foreigners love this place because it is a one-stop location for all sorts of Wuhan street food. Serving tasty, but inexpensive local food, try everything from noodles, dim sum, seafood, and desserts. Also known as the Breakfast street, grab everything you need to fill up your tummies and eat all day.

Nanbin Road, Chongqing (Picture 7)

This place is indeed a small kingdom of hotspots for locals and tourists. Famous for Chuan cuisines, get a taste here of Pockmarked Granny’ Bean Curd or Mapo Tofu, diced chicken, tea-smoked duck, and spicy noodles. 

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