Learning mandarin Chinese language with music

Woman standing in tram listening to mandarin chinese language
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Learning mandarin Chinese language with music!

Learning mandarin Chinese language is certainly not the easiest thing in the world, but with some little tips you can facilitate your learning process. Today if people want to start learning Chinese, they have the possibilities to access to millions of platforms that would make their learning journey easier. One the most effective method of learning mandarin Chinese language and practice the pronunciation is listen to Chinese music: at the begging it will be hard but once you find a song that you like and you listen to it many times, you’ll start to sing the words even though you don’t know their meaning. But how can you access to Chinese music? Here we have 3 top Chinese music apps that will be by your side while you’re learning mandarin Chinese language.

1. KuGou (酷狗)

KuGou (meaning Cool Dog) appealed a very wide audience, in particular those in small towns. KuGou has won users by integrating KTV streaming which enables users to receive “song coins” that can be transferred into real currency.

Users can comment on songs through “bullet screens” (弹幕) where comments stream across the video, listen, watch, and interact through the social platform.

Chinese app for learning mandarin chinese language
Woman standing in tram listening to mandarin chinese language

2. QQ Music (QQ音乐)

QQ belongs to the Chinese company Tencent and it is its very first social product. It started out as an instant messaging platform back in 1998. QQ Music shares some same features as Kugou, such as radio, KTV, and live streaming. QQ Music also offers articles and enables users to watch music videos, concerts, and interviews with famous musicians, including international stars.

The app has 211.43 million users. It owes its success to Tencent’s huge presence in the Chinese market.

3. NetEase Cloud Music (网易云音乐)

The streaming service was launched to the public on the 23 April 2013. As of April 2017, the platform has 300 million users, and a music database consisting of more than over 10 million songs. What differentiates NetEase Music from other apps is its stronger focus on indie artists, enabling it to compete with internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba. 

NetEase Cloud Music is home to “NetEase Depression Cloud,” which refers to sentimental stories posted for likes in the comments section of songs. As you can see these are not just music app, but real online communities where you can get in touch with other people. Now that you know these apps, learning mandarin Chinese language will be easier than before.

So what you’re waiting for? Let’s start listening to some music and learning mandarin Chinese Language!

Chinese music app for listening to mandarin chinese language
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