Learn Mandarin online - 3 websites that all learners need to know

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Learn Mandarin online - 3 websites that all learners need to know

If you want to learn mandarin online and improve your linguistic skills, you need to check these 3 websites out!

1. The chairman’s Bao

An amazing resource to learn mandarin online is The Chairman’s Bao which is an online and interactive newspaper in Mandarin Chinese. The articles are written specifically for Chinese learners and are labeled by HSK level.

This site is updated daily and there are articles that are appropriate for elementary to advanced learners. If you highlight a character or word, the definition and pinyin will appear to the right of the text. You can sort articles by HSK level or by topic.

The Chairman’s Bao is a great everyday resource, but of course, it’s particularly useful if you’re studying for the HSK. The ability to sort by HSK level means you can really focus on reading everything at the level you’re attempting to master.

The chairman's bao tool to learn mandarin online
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2. Chinese-Tools’ Chengyu Story Database

Chengyu are Chinese idioms that are based on stories. If you don’t know them, Chengyu can be baffling. It’s next to impossible to understand a given Chengyu if you don’t recognize the associated story.

Chinese idioms are a bit like vocabulary words; some are common, some are obscure. That’s why Chinese-Tools’ Chengyu story database is so useful. These stories have been simplified and rewritten for Chinese learners, but they provide enough of the basic Chengyu story for you to understand the idiom. The stories come with annotated Chinese, pinyin and English definitions.

These stories are like Chinese fairy tales. So not only are you getting reading practice with the story, but you’ll also get really important cultural information and have some common ground with Chinese native speakers.

3. XiMaLaYa

XiMaLaYa allows users to listen to podcasts, books, lectures and more! They have an incredible 6.12 million daily active users who are spending an average of 125 minutes listening to their audio files. Ximalaya FM (喜马拉雅) is a popular web- and app-based podcast and audiobook platform based in China.

According to China Today, the company holds approximately 70% of audio copyrights to the most popular titles in Chinese bookstores.

Company logo that provides tools to learn mandarin online

Therefore, if you like to learn mandarin online and are looking for a narration of your favorite story, you have a good chance at finding it on Ximalaya.

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