Learn Chinese online through social media

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Learn Chinese online through social media

If you still hesitate to contact native-speakers for learning Chinese, try your hand at theme groups on Facebook. There you can get advice from other students and experienced teachers.It is an effective way to learn Chinese online.

Download a mobile app for learning Chinese to your mobile device. Don’t waste time when commuting back and forth! If you have a mobile device, use apps for learning Chinese. There is a vast diversity of applications that allow you to review vocabulary and grammar when you have spare time. Download them to your tablet or smartphone and enjoy learning instead of procrastination. 

If you need to boost your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, there is no better resource than Mandarin-related pages on Facebook and similar regional networks. It is an effective way to learn Chinese online.They are often run by native speakers and professional teachers, so you can really get many advantages for free.

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Subscribe to as many theme pages as you can find. It is an effective way to learn Chinese online.After that, their posts will appear in your news feed on a regular basis. Surprisingly, spending just 5 minutes per day may boost your proficiency in Mandarin.

More advanced learners may find Weibo and other Chinese social media websites handy. There you can find native speaking friends to practice your speaking and comprehension skills.It is an effective way to learn Chinese online.

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As we all know, the origin of the Double Seven festival is tightly knitted with this fable – the love story between the cow shepherd and weaving girl. The story is about an orphan cow shephard. After he was abused by his sister in law, he got to know a weaving girl by chance who secretly snuck down to the mortal realm. Because they liked each other, they soon became a happy couple.

But after the heavenly empress knew about this, she was furious. She came down to the mortal world personally and was going to forcefully take the weaving girl back to the heavenly court. 

This loving couple was about to be separated. With the help of an enlightened cow, the cow shepherd wore shoes made of cow skin and chased after the weaving girl in the heavens. Seeing this, the heavenly empress took down her golden hair pin immediately and waved. A heavenly river of strong currents appeared.

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