Lakeside Institute Online Summer Camp: all you need to know about the best event of summer!

Lakeside events
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Lakeside Institute Online Summer Camp: all you need to know about the best event of summer!

Lakeside events

Here at Lakeside we like to have so much fun and we do our best to make our students’ experience with us unforgettable.

We organize any kind of Lakeside events all year around, especially in summer when the weather is kind and it’s possible to do many activities outdoor.

Every year during the summertime Lakeside Institute organize its iconic Summer Camp: two weeks dedicated not only to study Chinese but also to cultural events, cooking class, competition and so much more. Let’s see together what it’s all about and some of the funniest Lakeside events during the summer.

Lakeside events

Due to the COVID-19, both summer camps 2021 and 2022 have been conducted through online means: even tough far from each other many students participated and had the time of their life!

The summer camp with Lakeside consists in two weeks during which students have the opportunity to follow a Chinese language course and improve their language skills. Each student attend two classes per day; each group class lasts 50 minutes and the maximum number of students is 10.

This course is made for you if:

  • Never study Chinese and want a kick start to learn this fascinating language.
  • Have some Chinese basic and want to improve your skills.
  • Want to seize the time and chance to learn Chinese wherever you are.
  • Want to get taste of the Chinese culture.

But why the Summer Camp is one of the most loved Lakeside events by the students? That’s because we make them learn with fun! During the online classes there are many interactive games, competitions and other interesting activities. Moreover, you have the chance to completely customize your learning plan according to your level and needs.

Lakeside events

During our summer camp, our students started a cultural journey with our teachers: along with the Chinese classes, many online cultural events have been organized such as:

  • Tea ceremony class
  • Virtual tour of some of the most iconic street of Hangzhou
  • Chinese cooking class

The summer camp is a must when comes to learn with fun: you will spend two weeks dedicating your time in learning something new and above all working on yourself and your future. Indeed, it can be a chance to improve what you need to improve or learn what you don’t know before. Our teacher will guide you and all the students into a magic online Chinese journey that you’ll never forget.

We put all ourself in all Lakeside events to create unforgettable memories!

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