Internship Program in China | Insights and Guides

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Internship Program in China | Insights and Guides

Do you know China has become the most attractive for International Internships? It would be great if you can design your plan to maximize your experience in China. Each city in China has its advantages and disadvantages for the Interns. Therefore, you need to understand your needs and what the city can offer to support your experience in China. Here, we will share some insights and stories to help you make the decision to come and have a great experience and internship in China. 

Some young students consider China as the popular destination for International Internship Programs. We can’t agree more because some Multinational Businesses already located in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen Guangzhou, and more. China became the world’s largest production center and now has taken over the US as the largest economy using GDP at PPP as reported by the IMF.

This means, a lot to businesses already operating in China and others who are considering globalizing.

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What does this mean for prospective interns?

The development in the economic area brings several advantages for China, including the intern. The companies have been enjoying their fair share, as we see more US companies moving their core manufacturing concerns to China.

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Young people could benefit from a Paid Internship in China located in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, which presents a platform to gain a wealth of experience in the fastest growing economy in the world, as well as encounter Opportunities consistent with their career aspirations.

But to obtain the maximum benefits, the interns need to decide in the right time with the good knowledge. I will try to touch on factors to critically consider as well as some necessary information regarding selected cities especially those cities listed in 2015 Forbes top 10 Chinese Business cities worth interning.

Prepare Your Internship in China

Starting an Internship in China requires you to be open-minded, have the initiative to learn, and have adaptation skills. Chinese companies and even multinational organizations turn to respect procedures and long channels of operation and approval. Based on some Human Resource Managers in China, the dominating reason is that the labor law has several gray areas that are worth considering before accepting interns, and this takes some time. In general, the Human Resource Manager needs an average of 4 weeks to confirm interns. Therefore, we recommend the internship participants start their application between 12 to 15 weeks or even much earlier to get an outstanding offer for an internship in China. An advanced application will give the company a long time to prepare adequately to deal with the host organizations.

In the process, they can generate as many offers as possible. Many offers indicate varieties and varieties lead to best offer selection. CIP Limited and other Internship Placement agencies continue to give offers till the applicant is satisfied but when the process starts late, due to visa applications participants have to resort to the available offer which might not be the best.

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