Four Good Reasons to Study Abroad in China

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Four Good Reasons to Study Abroad in China

Every year, more and more students are considering to go study in China to take Chinese language lessons. This possibility led to the creation of many partnership between universities and scholarship that you can take advantage of, among of course other many benefits. Here are four reasons why you should go to China.

1- Improve your English and learn Chinese

In China, you will often have to speak English. All universities in China are provided Chinese language lessons for the students to survive in China. Whether it is at the university, in class or with other foreign students or when you are trying to communicate with the locals, you won’t avoid and it will give you a valuable practice. It is also a good opportunity to have Chinese language lessons which become a more and more important and recognized language in the world. Some universities might ask you to already know some Chinese before you go but also an English certification such as the TOEFL or IELTS. So be ready.

Student pen and papers containing work from chinese language lessons
Student smiling during her chinese language lessons

2-Many partnership and scholarship are available

Partnerships between Chinese and foreign universities are developing at an exponential rate. They will allow you to easily spend a year in the country without having to pay for tuition fees and even if they won’t get you a Chinese degree they are still very good experiences. If you decide to study full time in China, you should have a looked at the different scholarships offered by the universities for their bachelor and master degrees. They are very accessible for good students and will usually cover your tuition fees, rent expenses and include a monthly compensation up to 500$ per month! Their application process can be a bit tricky but you can get help form specialized company such as Hongzhou Learning who provide assistance services to foreign students.

3-Discover the Chinese culture

Living in China will really give you a chance to immersed yourself and get Chinese language lessons which can sometimes be very different from the occidental one. From the Hutong to skyscrapers, street food to luxurious restaurant there is a lot of diversity and things to discover. Try to hang out with the locals as much as possible as you can have Chinese language lessons from them!

There are different type of health insurance such as: university health insurance (the one given by your university when you’ll start studying in china), Chinese health insurance or international insurance. The last one is the most convenient for expats in terms of what it covers but it’ll be more expensive.

An international health insurance for China is often a better option for expats than a local health plan. It offers you the freedom of your choice of doctors or medical centre, and the possibility of being covered internationally.

Students graduating from chinese language lessons
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