Easy way of learning Chinese language

Students in front of a whiteboard learning chinese language
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Easy way of learning chinese language

“Chinese language is too difficult” this statement is the common thinking for all foreigners in China. Is Chinese language difficult? The answer of this question is yes. Chinese language is difficult because it’s different from other languages like English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. But, even if learning Chinese language is difficult, there are some methods and techniques that can be used for learning Chinese language for foreigners within short time.

The first thing you have to do, if you want to learn Chinese language, is to love it.
Some of the foreigners don’t like speaking Chinese in their daily life, which is not good for the one who want to learn the new language, that’s why you must love it.
So willing to learn it, be curious, and when hearing Chinese people talking, you can ask yourself this question ‘’how can I understand what these people are talking?’’.

Student working on learning chinese language
Students on their phone learning chinese language

Then after loving to learn Chinese language, the second technique is to know at least five or more new Chinese words every day (pinyin and character).
This is the best way to learn Chinese because you must know the words used to make a sentence and their meanings.
This is very easy for the one who make a good plan for learning Chinese in a short time.

The following techniques is training yourself to read both pinyin and character.
Reading Chinese language is not easy, that’s why we need to train ourselves day by day.
How to do this? If you have Chinese language teacher, you can try to read and ask her/him to correct you; if you don’t, you can try to find some Chinese friends and ask them to help you.

Another technique is “to speak to Chinese people in Chinese language.” 

Here in China, foreigners need different services, and all those services are given by Chinese people.
For example, we need bank account, buying foods, clothes, taking taxi and so on, in this way we meet many Chinese people but many foreigners they don’t like to use Chinese language when they are asking those services. They prefer translator.
It’s not good to use translator all the time, trying to say what you need in Chinese if you don’t know, using Google translator but trying to read the translation to the one you are asking the service, it will help you to learn more.

After those different techniques mentioned above, I can say “to use what you know and say as you can” have a confidence and don’t be afraid of what others will say when you make a mistake, because everyone can make a mistake.
You, just learn from your mistakes. Step by step you will be fluent in Chinese language.

Student at whiteboard learning chinese language

The next technique is listening to Chinese music or watching some Chinese movies, this way is convenient. 
As we know, listening music and watching movies are hobbies for some people. It’s very useful to learn through your hobbies and it sounds great.
While you are listening music or watching movies, you can get more new words and know when to use them. This will improve your Chinese skills, especially the listening part.

Students and teachers discussing tips on learning chinese language

The last method to learn Chinese after all mentioned above, is reading some Chinese novels and short stories.  (Picture 3)
That will make your Chinese more and more fluent when you do that day by day. And that will improve your level of reading skills in Chinese.

To sum up, I would like to say that, foreigners in China need effective communication with Chinese people like Chinese friends and teachers. That’s why we must use more efforts to learning Chinese language with those techniques mentioned above.

To reject those fixed mindsets that show us, for example, “how difficult is learning Chinese language”, “how we can’t speak Chinese language fluently” and so on.

Let’s have growth mindset that encourage us to learn all possible knowledge, while they are profitable and needed. Don’t limit your brain, because everything exists now, exists first in the mind. You can do it! It is easy and simple!

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