Double 11 and double 12: a Chinese crazy shopping day-life

2 towers that have 11-11 displaying on them
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Have you ever heard about 双十一 or, in English, “the double 11”? If your answer is no, you’re missing an important Chinese life kind of day. Here’s everything there is to know about the world’s biggest annual retail sales day.

The “double 11”, as the name said, happens the 11th of November and in China it is also known as the singles day (光棍节guanggun jie). Today is common to complain on how Christmas and Valentine’s Day have become over-commercialized, but no holiday has been given a capitalist makeover quite like Singles’ Day, when China’s e-commerce giants slash their prices for 24 hours of frantic online sales. We can compare this day to the western “Black Friday” but the numbers are “just little bit” bigger.

The days before the double 11, people start to add as many things as possible inside their online cart: when midnight strikes, the shopping sprees begin. This year crazy shopping has already broken al the records: Alibaba said early Wednesday morning that the annual sales frenzy has so far pulled in 372.3 billion yuan ($56.3 billion).

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The total includes the first 30 minutes of the event, along with an earlier three-day period that was added to boost post-pandemic sales. With those added days, Alibaba has already beaten the record haul it brought in over its 24-hour Singles Day period last year. It sold 268.4 billion RMB ($40.5 billion). In 2016, it took Alibaba seven whole minutes to reach RMB10 billion, meanwhile the next year that time was cut in half, down to just over three minutes. In 2018, it took just 125 seconds to reach the RMB10 billion mark and last year we saw it hits its first target in 96 seconds.

2 towers that have 11-11 displaying on them

Right after a month from the single day, we also have the 双十二 (12 December) which is the couple day – yet another important day in your Chinese life. Originally conceived as a means for smaller retailers who might have missed out on or not fully benefited from 11/11 to participate in a massive shopping holiday, the day has become a boon for tens of thousands of merchants. Double Twelve typically sees upwards of 500 million customers participating in the event that lasts from December 8th until 12th.

Now you know what to do and how to handle these special events and fully live your Chinese life. So don’t waste your time and get ready for the craziest days of shopping of your life!

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