Confucius Institute Scholarship: all you need to know.

Chinese language scholarship
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Confucius Institute Scholarship: all you need to know.

The Confucius Institute scholarship (CIS) is Chinese language scholarship with purpose to cultivate qualified Chinese language teacher and to promote the Chinese language and culture through the world. It supports outstanding students, scholars and employed Chinese teachers.

Chinese language scholarship

This is fully founded scholarships and candidates can enroll to different programs with different duration: from 4 weeks programs to 1-year programs.

To apply to Confucius Institute Chinese language scholarship, candidates must meet some requirements. Applicant must be:

  • non-Chinese citizens.
  • in good physical and mental condition, with good academic performance and conduct.
  • between the ages of 16 and 35 as of 1st September, 2020.
  • students or scholars who are devoted to promoting the Chinese language and Chinese culture.
  • with HSK certificate and have a minimum score of 210 in HSK test (Level 3).

Chinese language scholarship

The Confucius Institute Chinese language scholarship available every year: usually the application period is from March to May. Every year, it allows thousands of students to go study in China. To apply you’ll need to submit the following documents:

  1. Digital photo
  2. Scanned copy of passport identification page
  3. Scanned copies of HSK, HSKK score reports (valid when making the application online)
  4. Highest education diploma attained or official proof of student status
  5. Academic transcript
  6. Recommendation letter written and signed by recommending institution director and certificate of studying in the Confucius Institute.

7. For applicants who are under 18, parents should officially entrust foreigner residents in China or Chinese citizens as guardians and submit notarization documents of the guardian guarantee.

Chinese language scholarship

Last but not least, the application process for this Chinese language scholarship is a very simple one.

First you need to log in into the Confucius Institute Scholarship website, register and submit your application and documents online. After that, the Confucius institute will review your documents and qualifications. If you’ve passed the material review, you’re going to have an interview with them which can be face to face or online. After the interview, the Hanban will release the name of the winners at the beginning of September.

Now you’re ready! If you’re planning to study Chinese in China, the Confucius Institute Chinese language scholarship is what you were looking for. It can be a great self-growing opportunity: you’ll be in touch with Chinese culture and society but at the same time you’ll meet students from all around the world.

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