Chinese for beginners: how to start?

Chinese for beginners
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Chinese for beginners: how to start?

Many people have the dream of learning new languages. Some of them try to learn them by their own while other decide to join a course.  After a while they might feel lost especially if this language is a very difficult one like mandarin. Today we’re going to answer to one of your most common question: when decide to study Chinese, what to start from?

Chinese for beginners

Our first suggestion is to determine if learning Chinese is right for you. I know it doesn’t like a very good advice but let’s face it, study Chinese is not for everyone and if you decide to start this journey you’ll spend a lot of time on it. You can try to watch some video on Youtube about Chinese for beginners and look what to expect when learning mandarin.

Well, if you’re here and you’re keeping on read it means you decided the learning Chinese is your thing. Now it’s time to search some learning materials! You need now to do a little research on the best books and tools of study Chinese for beginners. You need resources to develop you listening, speaking, reading and writing. You can find many of these resources online for free.

Chinese for beginners

It’s time now to learn the pronunciation! The secret to learn how to pronounce a word is to start study the pinyin which is the phonetic transcription of Chinese characters. You’ll find plenty of video and audio file on the internet which will help you.

While study on the books you’ll also need to start speaking and listening. You need to find a native speaker to talk with and for the listening you can find many interesting podcasts on the internet dedicated to the Chinese for beginners.

After all this, you might have noticed that mandarin Chinese is a tonal language. Chinese people simply won’t understand you if you don’t learn tones so you need to practice a lot to get used to them and pronounce them properly.

Chinese for beginners

Finally you can start to learn characters! I suggest beginning to learn characters once you are confident you have Chinese basics like pinyin down.

Last but not least, you need to learn how to write Chinese characters. I’ll be honest, in today’s China is very rare that you find yourself writing in with pen and paper: people use mobile phone and laptop in every aspects of their life and even natives find hard to remember how to write some characters.

Beside that, learning how to writing the characters is the most satisfy and fun aspects of study Chinese. In addition, you can’t say to have completely master a language if you’re not able to write it.

These are few tips on how to start learn Chinese for beginners, remember that if you really want to learn this language you must practice it everyday, at least 30 minutes per day.

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