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China-Italy cooperation: the week of Science, Technology and Innovation ends with 3 new agreements

With over 300,000 spectators online in China and 3 days of work that saw the contribution of almost 50 scientists and experts on the ability of research to contribute to the challenges of the digital transition with the ecological one, the Italy-China Week closed its doors last 3 December.

This edition brought home the signing of three new important China-Italy cooperation agreements, the organization of 44 new partnership meetings and above all the renewed push, expressed by Minister Maria Cristina Messa and Minister Wang Zhigang during the opening ceremony, of to continue the path of collaboration and internationalization to face global challenges, from the health emergency to environmental protection, in an interdisciplinary approach and cooperation between researchers for the benefit of all citizens beyond all borders .

The event originates from the stipulation of bilateral programs of scientific and technological cooperation, which have followed one another over the years, promoted by the two governments through the Ministry Italian University and Research and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, coordinated for Italy by Città della Scienza in collaboration with the CNR.

This China-Italy cooperation aims to enhance the national research and innovation systems, favoring academic, scientific and technological exchanges in the sectors of strategic and social importance of both countries.

It was also recalled that, in terms of bilateral relations, the organization of the “2022 Year of Culture and Tourism Italy – China”, a priority for both Governments is continuing in an ever more pressing manner, as also underlined during the meeting between the Prime Minister Draghi and President Xi Jinping of 8 September 2021.

The “2022 Year of Culture and Tourism Italy – China”, among the many initiatives on which we will update you, will also include the setting up of the exhibition on the origins of the Italian nation “Tota Italia”, twinning initiatives between the Heritage sites of UNESCO Humanity of Italy and China and, as the inaugural event, two major concerts that will be performed simultaneously and in audio-video connection in the two countries.

The China-Italy cooperation is a super cultural strategy since both countries are united by a thousand-year history, as demonstrated by their respective 55 sites protected by UNESCO.

At the end of the opening day, in live streaming, 3 bilateral cooperation agreements were signed: yet another proof of the China-Italy cooperation strategy.

The first was signed between the Department of Polymeric Materials Engineering of Sichuan University and the Institute of Composite and Biomaterial Polymers – CNR.

The second was signed between the CNR Institute of Atmospheric Pollution and the Universities of Henan, Huanghe, Northeast Agricultural University and Tutian New Energy Technology Co.

The third, however, between the AVIC – Aerodynamics Research Institute – and CIRA – the Italian Aerospace Research Center.

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