Career in China: enter in the country as intern

Internship in China
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Career in China: enter in the country as intern

Internship in China is one of the ways to experience China from a Unique perspective. As you already may know, China’s economy is growing fast and as an intern you’ll have the opportunity to grow up and glow up right along with it, making the first steps into your career in China.

Internship in China

Before leaving to China to start you internship experience, there are few things and tips you should know.

It’s time to start studying Chinese

Standard Chinese (otherwise known as Mandarin) is the most commonly spoken language in the world, and the hard work you put in to learn it now will make your climb up the corporate ladder feel like a walk in the park.

Plus, if you’re still in the process of applying to internships in China, doubling up with a translated resume will give you a competitive edge with the company of your choice.

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Start to download the eastern equivalent of all your western app

Ever heard of WeChat? Over a billion other people use it. It’s the most popular messenger app in China! As an intern in China, expect to ditch some of your go-to apps for their eastern equivalents.

Looking for a uber in China? You should download the ride-sharing app Didi Chuxing. We can’t list all the apps here, so be sure to do some research before embarking on your internship in China.

You won’t be alone

There are hundreds of thousands of expats living there, trying to create their own career in china as you do. If you get lonely for people you can relate to during your internship, China has you covered. Our suggestion is to join one of the many online communities before you go.

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Use a VPN

Chinese apps will be essential to live in China but we also suggest you to download a VPN, in order to use the western apps. Some foreign media are not allowed in China so you would need a VPN to see browse your favorite sites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, twitter and another foreign websites. You would need a VPN to use most of these sites and be sure to install it on your phone before you enter China.

These are just a few tips to start your career in China. So what you are waiting for?! Let’s start find the perfect internship for you!

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