Best way to learn mandarin online

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The best way to learn mandarin online

Due to the pandemic, many students who wanted to learn Chinese could only learn at home. At this time, the best way to learn Mandarin online becomes especially important. I will introduce everyone to eight online Mandarin learning websites and apps below to help everyone acquire better relevant resources and find the best way for them to learn Mandarin online.

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1. Lakeside Institute

We offer private and group lessons that you can follow online with our experienced and motivating teachers. This means you can learn the language from wherever you want – at home or on the go! You can find out more about this program here.

2. Pleco

This is a Chinese dictionary app. It’s detection mode includes all levels of HSK words and is therefore helping to learning Chinese words. Also, this dictionary can also be used offline.

3. Digital Dialects

A cute Chinese learning website. There are many mini games allowing one to casually learn Chinese words and phrases of different themes.

4. Loecsen

A free website for learning Mandarin online. You can select between different topics and learn the most important sentences. There are also tests to help you determine if your language skills have improved.

5. ChineseSkill

This is another interesting app for learning Chinese. It has different tests and different subjects. You need to pass the test to continue the course of the next level.

6. Chinese Tools

It has thirty sessions of Chinese classes in total. They provide Mandarin video classes as well as some online practice.

7. NinChinese

Practice your Chinese grammar, join your tone through over 150 free classes. Furthermore, improve your Mandarin to a new level through interesting games.

8. HS Chinese

This is a best way to learn Mandarin online and pass the HSK test. This website has many free practice materials, but you need to register to acquire all of the content.

9. Duolingo

A website for learning any language.

You can use an entrance test to determine your skill level. You can study language through different mini tests.

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10. Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute provides free online classes to prepare for HSK test. You just need to register online to acquire free Chinese courses.

These are all the resources I have introduced for everyone. I hope everyone can find their best way to learn Mandarin online.

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