Breaking Barriers

As a Chinese School we believe China is an important part of our increasingly globalized world. Our mission is to help learners everywhere break down barriers, discover global perspectives, and expand their horizons by learning Chinese.

Our story

The Lakeside Institute was founded In 2017 by Chinese teacher and entrepreneur, Sabrina Zeng. Sabrina saw how people from around the world were attracted by China’s learning and business opportunities, but were held back by language and culture barriers. She also saw a Chinese language education system that was outdated and conservative. China is changing, and Sabrina believed Chinese education should change with it.

Sabrina sought to develop a new kind of Chinese school – one that emphasizes collaboration, communication, and entrepreneurship, not just grammar and test scores. As a rising tech hub with a high livability rating and a growing population of skilled expats, Hangzhou was the perfect location for such a Chinese school. The Lakeside Institute was named after Hangzhou’s iconic West Lake.

Lakeside is more than a language school. It’s a comprehensive learning platform dedicated to building bridges between China and the world.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to make it easy for everyone to experience China.

To achieve this, our Chinese School offers immersive experiences, expert teaching, online and offline solutions, and a welcoming community to Chinese learners around the world.

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Our vision and mission

Our vision is to make it easy for everyone to experience China.

We aim to accomplish this by providing the highest-quality Chinese language classes and cultural education for all the learners in the world using digital technology and offline experiences.

Our philosophy

  • Share the real China. We believe China is an important part of the world’s future, and that understanding China is a big asset in the global economy of the future. Whatever you think of China, we believe everyone should have the chance to interact with China in a meaningful way and have their own opinions.

  • Develop global citizens. We believe that in our increasingly globalized world, being able to think outside of linguistic and cultural boundaries is the key to personal and global success. We help people become global citizens by giving them access to international experience, encouraging them to engage with different perspectives, and building their cross-cultural communication skills.

  • Build Community. We focus on building an engaged community that supports your learning, enriches your experience, and makes you feel at home.

  • Embrace innovation. The world is always changing, and we change with it. As a Chinese School, we commit to challenge our assumptions and discover new opportunities, from new needs we can meet to new technologies we can use to meet them.

  • Embrace diversity. We work closely with diverse learners to understand their needs, optimize their learning outcomes, and make it easier for them to learn Chinese and succeed in China.

  • Foster leadership. We see language as a tool for leadership and growth. Our business-focused Chinese courses, career mentorship resources, and cultural literacy seminars prepare our students for career development and international leadership.

Puput Ichwatus

Overseas Business Development & Sales Specialist

Graduated from Hohai University

Nanjing China Ph.D on Resettlement Management and Science

Vania Devina Dharmadi

Human Resource & Communication Manager

Graduated from James Cook University (Singapore)

Major: Bachelor of Psychology

Sandra Bambey

European Partnership Manager

Graduate from Hanzehogeschool Groningen

Bachelor of Marketing Management

Sabrina Zeng

Founder & CEO

Graduated from Harbin Normal University

Major: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Our mission

We provide effective Chinese language and cultural education for learners around the world using online channels and immersive experiences.

Kathirine Dong

Head of Education Department

Graduated from Zhejiang University

Major: Communications

Rocio De Cristofano

Social Media Management Team & Online Community Manager

Graduated from University of Buenos Aires

Major in Architecture

Chiara Ciaccia

Social Media Content Creator & PR Specialist

Graduated from Zhejiang University

Master’s in journalism and communication

Martijn Roeters

Website Manager & IT Specialist

Graduate from Amsterdam’s University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor in Business IT

Board of Mentors

Our Board of Mentors is one of the elements that make us unique as a Chinese school. Our mentors all come from international backgrounds, with experience in high-performing SME’s and Fortune 500 companies. They are here to share how Chinese business really works, how to work with Chinese companies, and how to communicate effectively with Chinese people.

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