A journey into the most popular app in China: WeChat

most popular app in China
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A journey into the most popular app in China: WeChat


With the raising of technology, China reached the podium of the countries where is impossible to  survive without a smartphone and its features: indeed, it’s possible to find an app for every aspects of daily life. But which is the most popular app in China?

We can say without any doubt that WeChat is the most popular app in China and the one that is essential to survive into the Chinese society.

It is pretty much the all-in-one app. It is mainly a social media app, but as many people discover after a short time of using it, it can do much more than that.

WeChat was launched in 2011 as Weixin – Mandarin for ‘micro-message’. As the name suggests, it originally functioned as a simple messenger app – a Chinese equivalent to WhatsApp in essence.

WeChat was developed by and belongs to Chinese tech behemoth Tencent Holdings –one of the most valuable companies in the world.

most popular app in China

WeChat app has evolved considerably since those early days. You can use it for payment, for video call, to book hotel or train tickets, to pay bills, to transfer money and more other things.

WeChat had over 889 million monthly active users in 2016. As of 2019, WeChat’s monthly active users have increased to an estimate of one billion. After the launch of WeChat payment in 2013, its users reached 400 million the next year, 90 percent of whom were in China.

It is not reserved for use in China alone as millions of people around the world have it.

Since it is the most popular app in China, many international companies and brands have their own public account on WeChat to reach the Chinese market.

best app in China

For payment or money transfers, WeChat put at the service of its users a virtual wallet: each users has its own electric wallet linked to the bank account. Right now it’s still impossible to link WeChat Pay with a card outside the Chinese bank circuit.

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