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G20 Summit in Rome: Xi Jinping prioritizes global cooperation and development.

On 30 October, the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping participated by videoconference from Beijing, at the meeting of the first phase of the 16th Summit of G20 Leaders and delivered an important speech.

Xi Jinping noted that currently the Covid-19 epidemic continues to repeat itself, the global economic recovery is fragile, the challenges of climate change are evident and focal regional problems occur frequently. In the face of the profound changes never seen in a century and the pandemic, the G20, as one of the main forums on international economic cooperation, must assume due responsibilities and persist in openness and inclusiveness, synergy and mutual benefit and practice true multilateralism and, precisely for the future of humanity and the well-being of the people, promoting the constitution of the human community with a shared future.

He called the G20 leaders to uphold equality and justice and provide more vaccines to developing countries to meet the global vaccination target for 2022 set by the WHO, support the World Trade Organization (WTO) in making an early decision on waiving intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines, and encourage vaccine companies to transfer technology to developing countries.

Xi Jinping made a 5-point proposal.

First, join forces and work together to jointly fight the epidemic.

Second, strengthen coordination and promote economic recovery.

Third, achieve common development by adhering to the principles of benefit sharing and inclusiveness.

Fourth, digging the driving force by driving innovation.

Fifth, to realize the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and to build a green world that is always sustainable.

Finally, Xi Jinping stressed that the constitution of the human community with a shared future needs the tireless efforts of the various countries of the world. The road is difficult and long, you can reach your destination and reach a good future as long as you continue to make progress. The Chinese president has invited everyone to unite to fight the epidemic as soon as possible and build a better future together.

At the G20 Summit, Xi Jinping also said that China will persist in the fundamental national policy of openness to the outside world, fully play the benefits of the giant market and the potential of domestic demand, focus on strengthening institutional openness as regulations, rules, management and standards, will continue to improve the protection of intellectual property rights, build a commercialized, legalized and internationalized business environment, and provide a fair and just market order for Chinese and foreign companies. The Chinese head of state added – “I believe that China’s development will bring more opportunities to all countries and inject more new energy into the global economy.”

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