6 popular slang words in Chinese

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6 popular slang words in Chinese

Would you like to sound like a native when you talk Chinese? So it’s time for you to study these slang words in Chinese which are very popular in the spoken language. 

Most of today’s slang words in Chinese come from internet and they’re called 网络词 (wǎngluò cí) which means “internet words”. You can use this kind of words in informal situations, with people and friends in their twenties or thirties. They can also be a mean to reduce the cultural gap.

1. Bae – (qīn)

Abbreviation of 亲爱的 (qīn ài de),” which literally means “dear” or “dearest.”

! 我想你了!”
“Qīn! Wǒ xiǎng nǐ le!”

Bae! I missed you!

Girl doing loser sign as one of the popular slang words in Chinese

2. Loser – 屌丝 (diǎosī)

This word is often used to make fun of oneself, as a foreigner in China using it to describe yourself is basically guaranteed laughs. If used to describe other people it can be offensive.

3. Bro – 哥们 (gē men)

Similar to the English term “bro,” 哥们 (gē men) literally means “brothers.” 哥们 are the ride-or-die friends who have each others’ back, no negative connotation here!  

“Tom 是我高中时候的哥们.”
“Tom Shì wǒ gāo zhòng shíhòu de gēmen.”

Tom is my bro from high school

2 guys fist-bumping as a popular slang word in Chinese

4. Speak of the devil – 说曹操曹操到 (shuō cáo cāo cáo cāo dào)

Used as the American expression “speak of the devil”.

说曹操曹操到,刚才刚刚说起Lisa, 她就来了”
Shuō cáo cāo cáo cāo dào, gāng cái gāng gāng shuō qǐ Lisa, tā jiù lái le.”
(Speak of the Devil, as soon as we talked about Lisa, she arrived.)

5. Whatever – 算了 (suàn le)

This phrase means to “forget it.” It can be used in many situations, from meaning a casual “whatever” in everyday situations to “Let it go” referring in some more serious ones. It is also used to signal that things have come to an end. 

“Wǒmen jiùcǐ suànle ba, nǐ shuō ne?”

Let’s just end it between us, what do you say?

6. Not interested – 不感冒 (bù gǎn mào)

To express a person who is not interested in someone else. 

“Wǒ duì tā yījiànzhōngqíng, tā duì wǒ bù gǎnmào”

I fell in love with her at first sight, she’s not interested in me.

There you have it: 6 slang words in Chinese that will make you sound as native! Keep in mind that slang words in Chinese as in all the other countries, are used around people you’re familiar with and don’t worry if don’t use correctly at first, just keep practice to make it perfect!

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