3 Types of Visa for Internship in China

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3 Types of Visa for Internship in China

If you are considering an internship in China, you will need to think what kind of visa you need to have for the internship. Here I listed 4 types of visas for undergraduates and graduates from local Chinese university or abroad universities and for a Special group of students “ French” to do internship in China.

TYPE 1 – For Fresh graduates from local university.

According to the new policy from Shanghai Labor Bureau, for the new working visa application, the students are request to provide original 2+ years working reference letter instead of the copy. On 1st May 2016, to attract more foreign talents to work in Shanghai, Shanghai  Labor Bureau provides a preferential policy for fresh graduated foreign student, even he/she didn’t have 2 years working experience (the minimum requirement for China working visa before), if they reach following conditions, they can still apply for the working permit and visa here in shanghai directly .

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– Master degree or higher degree (Obtain from the university in Shanghai) 
– Employed by a company registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) or Zhang Jiang high technology park.
– Skill certificate suitable for his job

But if you have completed your degree and want to start you own company in China, You can legally apply for a 2 years valid S visa to be an entrepreneur and start to work or intern. The premise is you will need your degree certificate as well as a business plan or company registration verification.

Steps and documents needed:

– Original passport and visa
– Temporary residence registration, original and copy version.
– 1 piece of 2*2 photo
– The health check provided by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
– Personal application or the company application.
– Business plan, Original & Copy (No need for those who come as investor)
– Company business license, Organization Code certification, Enterprise Approval Certification, original and copy.

TYPE 2- Students who are holding X1 visa. 

This option is valid both for part-time job or internship with payment or internship without payment. But it’s not valid for students with X2 visa. For those students who are studying in China with a X1 Visa, they will be allowed to get paid or unpaid internships in China. You will get a X visa with “Off – campus internship” on your visa page.

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Steps and documents needed:
– Submit an internship application to your university.
– Get approval and go to the Entry and Exit Office the city’s main Public Security Bureau to update the residence permit with details of the internship host companies.
– Once done, the student should then go to the Entry and Exit Office the city’s main Public Security Bureau to update his residence permit with details on the place he will be working or interning at and the period of time that he will be employed for.

If you don’t have any university that can supports you with the off campus internship permit, feel free to contact us, we can help you to enroll in the program for X1 visa as well as the work permit.

TYPE 3 – Students holding degree from university abroad
Before there was no visa for the international students who no degree from China to do internship in China, but now the government supports the free zone and abroad university with more communication and interaction. The policy allows this kind of students to do internship in the companies registered in the free zone. Those students can come with any visa to China and change it into the S visa with the permit of” Internship” at Port visa agency.  But if your internship host company is not in the Free Zone, you can apply for X1 visa with legal internship permit. It can be from 3-12 months. Apply for the visa as well as a language courses to enhance your internship experience.

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Steps and documents needed

– Original Passport and China visa
– Original and copy of temporary residence permit from the police station.
– 1 piece of 2*2 photo
– Documents for your internship (Invitation letter, Internship confirmation. Company business license copy.)

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