how to learn Chinese
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More and more people want to learn the Chinese language. Many of them rely on a tutor or private teacher to start their studies, while others choose to try the path of self-learning. Studying Chinese as a self-taught is not an easy feat to accomplish, but neither is it impossible.

When you start learning this language, you don’t always know where to start. There are several methods and often most of them start with textbooks which, however, are not enough to learn the language on a self-taught basis.

So how to learn Chinese on your own? Here are some useful tips.

how to learn Chinese


Chinese characters and vocabulary are the very foundations of the language. Without knowing the characters or a minimum of vocabulary, there is no next step to take.
Hear the words and conversations over and over again. Repetition is the best way to remember what you learn. Repetition helps to understand. Over time, you will understand what the characters mean through context clues. Train every day. Never stop exercising.

how to learn Chinese

Speaking and writing.

Try to write Chinese characters yourself. It is a relaxing practice, requires a lot of precision and allows you to practice drawing lines to form characters. Also, to learn the Chinese language you need to speak, so you need to practice aloud. Speaking out loud lets you know which sounds, tones, and tone combinations might be giving you the biggest problems. Help yourself with the web, look for videos or audiobooks that make you hear the right pronunciation.

Enjoy your learning!

Learning should be enjoyable, so try to match it to your interests. Learning via the web is certainly more stimulating than staring at a textbook.

Once you have learned the basics, you can start listening to music, following films and TV series in Chinese. There is nothing more satisfying than learning something new while having fun.

In the initial phase, choose shows with subtitles in your language. Then, start watching movies with Chinese subtitles. Character recognition skills will greatly help

This is how to learn Chinese self-taught! You can start your learning journey with these suggestions and day by day you’ll discover new funny ways to study by your own.

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