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2021 Apsara High-Tech Conference in Hangzhou and Alibaba latest innovation: Tingwu.

This month in Hangzhou, one of the biggest and most important High-Tech events took place: the 2021 Apsara Conference, under the theme of “Invent, Explore and Inspire”. This event, formerly known as Ali cloud developers’ conference, is the earliest platform showcasing latest Chinese tech innovations. 

The events lasted four days: the high-tech exhibition features cloud computing, artificial intelligence, holographic imaging, space mining, bionic robots, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as over 100 advanced technology sub-forums with topics focused on cloud, big data, internet of things, and other technical fields. People had the chance to discover the latest Chinese tech innovations : visitors played table tennis with a serving robot or they had the chance to take a selfie with a bionic fish

Among all the Chinese tech innovations displayed at the conference, we can’t not mention the one by Alibaba Group: indeed, the company debuted next generation AI-powered meeting assistant.

The newest AI meeting assistant, named Tingwu, is designed for use at interviews and multi-location conferences, where it can convert speech to text in real time, create meeting summaries and post-meeting to-do lists.

Tingwu launches at a time when the pandemic has fundamentally transformed the way people work. As remote working becomes the norm, corporations report surging demands for communication and collaboration tools to stay productive, even after offices reopen.

Powered by a smart microphone, and new voice recognition algorithm developed by Alibaba’s DAMO Academy the assistant has a transcription accuracy of 98%. Tingwu can distinguish as many as 10 unique voiceprints from meeting participants, enabling it to separate speakers in the transcript.

The AI assistant is armed with deep learning capability to self-correct transcription errors in real time, add custom vocabulary words for uses and generate summaries and action-items that are tailor-made to different users. 

In China, Tingwu has been integrated into DingTalk. It can now automatically transcribe the conversations that take place on the communication platform and share notes with all participants. 

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